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    Breeding Chickens As A Farm Business

    Chicken eggs and meat have always been popular foods in Russia. The demand and consumption of these goods is growing every year. There are 309 eggs per inhabitant of Russia per year, and this figure is increasing. In 2018, the production of chicken meat in the country increased by 1.2% to 6.7 million tons. Of course, the market for meat and eggs is highly competitive, but consumer demand is not completely closed – especially since people are increasingly looking for an environmentally friendly product. How profitable is the chicken business? We will tell you in detail how to open a small farm, we will give approximate calculations of payback and…

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    What Is The Cheapest Farming Ideas ?

    Many people want to restart their professional life in a different area, and often agriculture is one of the areas in which they are most interested in this new change. Although many of them are looking for an opportunity in the agricultural sector, many people are afraid to invest in agriculture, given that, and they are sincere, it is a sector where they sometimes encounter difficulties. Agricultural consultancy This is a job/business hypothesis for all those who have a piece of deep technical knowledge in agronomy or related areas and who feel able to advise farmers on the best agricultural production techniques, advice on production factors, phytosanitary problems, among others.…

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    Farming Techniques

    The surprising achievements of that country, which has 17 million inhabitants, are based on technology applied to working in the fields. In fact, it has a kind of Silicon Valley of agriculture, known as Food Valley, linked to the Wageningen University & Research (WUR), considered one of the leading institutions in agricultural technology research. There, all kinds of experiments are carried out to optimize resources, and not only thinking about the interests of their country, but also those of underdeveloped areas where technology could be efficient to alleviate food shortages. But the involvement of small farmers is essential for the plans initiated by the government a few decades ago to…

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    Some Difficult Soils For Agriculture

    Farming on stony soils Soils with a high amount of stones limit the natural growth of plants at the same time that they make it difficult to obtain food and cause deformations in their stems. Besides, these tend to have little permeability and have a notable mineral deficiency that makes them unattractive for agricultural work. The first thing to do in this type of terrain is to remove the excess stones. Once the larger diameter ones are removed, the rest can be sifted with a mesh to filter out smaller ones. Subsequently, new soil or compost must be incorporated to create a fertile substrate. As the different plantings take place,…