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What Is The Cheapest Farming Ideas ?

Many people want to restart their professional life in a different area, and often agriculture is one of the areas in which they are most interested in this new change.

Although many of them are looking for an opportunity in the agricultural sector, many people are afraid to invest in agriculture, given that, and they are sincere, it is a sector where they sometimes encounter difficulties.

Agricultural consultancy

This is a job/business hypothesis for all those who have a piece of deep technical knowledge in agronomy or related areas and who feel able to advise farmers on the best agricultural production techniques, advice on production factors, phytosanitary problems, among others. others. I would like to point out that in order to be an agricultural consultant, you do not really need to have a consulting company … If you have a computer with Internet access and social networking skills.

If you want to be even more innovative, why not give consultations online via Skype or through another platform without having to go to the location? Nowadays, through video calls and sending multimedia formats like photos and videos about an agricultural problem, the distance can be shortened in an instant.

Creation of agricultural content for companies

I recently discovered the Digital Nomadism project, which teaches people how to create their own business using the Internet and all associated media. In one of the published articles, he spoke of the possibility of exploring the area of agriculture more remotely.

Be a Commissioner

In the agricultural sector, there are several job offers based on this way of making money, especially with regard to vacancies in the commercial area. For that reason, and if you are considering working for the commission, it will be important that you take into account the advantages and disadvantages of this type of employment.

One of the disadvantages of working on commission is not having a fixed salary, since your earnings will depend on the volume of sales you make or the profit generated for the entity you work for. In short, being a commission agent, the more you sell, the more you earn.

Regional interest makes business more frequent

If in the Southland sales are rare, in the North of Brazil, businesses are heated and tend to stay even more. This is because the potential for converting degraded pastures to agricultural fields is added to the incorporation of new areas of Cerrado to agriculture.

Gross income from a crop exceeds land prices

Far from the rest of the country and with infrastructure under construction, agriculture is proving profitable in the extreme north of Brazil. The initial gross income of soybeans reaches R $ 2.45 thousand per hectare, one third above operating costs.

What is family farming?

By definition, this name is given to produce properties that do not exceed the 4 fiscal modules, with each module having between 5 and 100 hectares – the exact value varies from municipality to municipality and is defined by city halls. In addition, in order to fit into this category, land maintenance has to be the responsibility of a single-family nucleus, which can hire a few employees.

To get an idea of the extent of a property like this, one hectare corresponds to 10,000 square meters. In other words, family farming is the production of a family in an area between 50,000 and one million square meters.

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